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Excellent!  On time - great guys!

Jim Eklund 7-31-2020



I'm very satisfied with the job that was done.  Thanks so much!

Bart Culpepper 10-21-2020


Delaney Fence installed original fence and tree cutter damaged the fence.  They came back out and fixed it like new!

Dave Bronger 10-16-2020


Great job.  Excellent workmanship.

John McMullin 10-12-2020


Delaney Fence installed my fence around the water system.  They were on time, did a great job and cleaned up afterwards.  I would definitely recommend them and would use them again.

Marie Lucas 10-06-2020


Delaney's crew did a great job.  The fence looks great and the crew was friendly.

Rosemary Tarran 10-05-2020


Great job on our backyard fencing.  We were very pleased.  We did have an issue with a sprinkler system pipe which was broken.  They did in fact take care of costs connected to this issue and we were very pleased.  Thank you!

Curtis Brown 9-17-2020


Excellent service! :-)

Kenia Fulton 9-10-2020


Excellent work.  Secon fence installed by Delaney Fence Co.  They do the job right!

- Robert Dobiecki 8-26-2020


Great crew, very well done.  i would recommend Delaney Fence for your fencing needs.

Brian Rivera 8-25-2020


Good job!

-  Barbara Caraballo 8-18-2020


All went well.  Crew did a great job and were very respectful.

Kurt Olsen 7-30-2020


Excellent job.  Very satisfied.

Hill Owen 7-24-2020


Very pleased with the professionalism of the business as well as their workers.  Would highly recommend their services.

Rebecca & Larry Newton 7-17-2020


Great crew!  Very efficient and professional.  Everyone worked hard and knew exactly what to do!  Highly recommend!

John Cosgrave 7-15-2020


Job is done, fence is up!  Beautiful.

Robert Fee 7-13-2020


They did a good and thorough job.  Would recommend them to others.

Barbara Baldwin 6-26-2020

Very pleased with the new fence.  Your men did a fine job & we are very pleased with our fence.

Mike Holt 8-10-2020


Excellent!  On time - great guys!

-  Jim Eklund 7-31-2020


All went well.  Crew did a great job and were very respectful.

Kurt Olsen 7-30-2020


Excellent job.  Very satisfied.

Hill Owen 7-24-2020


Very pleased with the professionalism of the business as well as their workers.  Would highly recommend their services.

Rebecca & Larry Newton 7-17-2020


Great crew!  Very efficient and professional.   Everyone worked hard and knew exactly what to do!  Highly recommended!

John Cosgrave 7-15-2020


Job is done, fence is up!  BEAUTIFUL!

Robert Fee 7-13-2020


They did a good and thorough job.  Would recommend them to others.

Barbara Baldwin 6-26-2020


Guys were very professional and courteous.  Cleaned up and left everything looking good.  Very likely to recommend.

Bessie Smith 6-23-2020


Perfect!  So glad I chose the right company for this job.  Thanks guys!

Jarrod Borgemeister 6-19-2020


Good job!

-  Ada Gross 6-17-2020


Crew did a fine job, got the job done and cleaned up.  Had to wait for job to get done.

-  Peterson Pacific (Gray Wilson) 6-16-2020


Guys do a great job on install crew, very polite and hard workers.  Did a great job.

Scott Guinn 6-16-2020


This is a very professional and quality job.  Exactly as we previously discussed.  

David & Libby Hall 6-9-2020


Great job, very happy, thanks!

Dusty Bury 6-9-2020


Guys did a great job and in a timely manner.  Looks great!

David West Landscapting (David West) 6-8-2020


100% Satisfied!  Excellent job!  Staff is super friendly and helpful.  I would recommend Delaney Fence Company!  Thank you so so much!!!

Highlands Wreckers Services (Katelynn Rogers) 6-3-2020


Awesome, fast, clean work!!

Sean Wilkinson 6-2-2020


I am very pleased with the work.

Anthony Smith 6-1-2020


Crew was amazing!  Great job.  Love the fence.  Highly recommend Delaney Fence 

-  Bob Cardin 5-27-2020


Great job!  Fast and extra care taken.

-  Lynda Hall - 5-22-2020


Great job.  Workers were knowledgeable and answered all my questions!  They were also polite and courteous.  Nice job cleaning up afterward.

-  Rhonda Beckman 5-20-2020


Great job.  Came earlier than expected.  Finished in one day!

-  Anonymous 5-14-2020


Your men were polite and their work ethic was amazing!  Great crew!  The results were great.  Thank you!

-  Tim & Rosie Deckert 05-13-2020


Great work and very friendly!

-  Shannon Zahn 5-11-2020


Good job!

Judith Sutherlin 5-8-2020


Looks great!  Quick installation!  Price exactly as quoted.

Renee Byrne 5-4-2020


Repair looks great!

Brett Hogan 5-4-2020



Stacy Rockwood 4-29-2020


Very good work.  Fast knowledgeable workers.  Competitive price.  Thank you!

Lee Thompson 4-28-2020


They came in Monday morning and finished by noon. Looks nice!

John Walters 4-27-2020


Great company and great workers.  Showed up 1 day earlier than suggested.  Finished fast & quick, perfect fence!  Straight, complete and pretty at a good price.  Very happy.  Thank you.

Jose Garcia 4-7-2020


Good work.  Guys will definitely be recommended to friends!

  • Anonymous 4-6-2020

We think you all are great!  Thank you so much for all your great work, everyone was so nice and very professional and workmanship is excellent!

Kathy Christ 3-9-2020 


I am super satisfied with the work on the fence.  Your crew is beyond what I had hoped!

Jerry Irwin 3-3-2020


Awesome crew - friendly, professional, thorough, skillful, careful and diligent.

Rachel Quirck 3-2-2020


Job done very professional and done before date originally given.  Guys that installed are very hard workers and would recommend any time.

Maureen Yergey 2-27-2020


Great job, nice guys!

Ron Redder 2-18-2020 


Fantastic installation with professional appearance and on time delivery.  Thank you.

Dorothy Wallace Gardner 2-11-2020


The guys were very courteous.  They work very fast and my fence looks better than imagined.  Thank you!

Christopher Reed 2-7-2020


Super job, great guys, 10+

Linda Nelson 2-5-2020


Everyone I have talked to has been friendly and nice and has done a very professional job.  I would recommend your company anytime.

Audrey Seaman 2-4-2020


Did a great job, thank you.

Chris Beach 1-30-2020


Did a wonderful job!

Margery Rowe 1-29-2020 


Great job.  Timely Manner.

Linda Kenyon 1-27-2020


Did a great job.  Did not take long.

  • James Currey 1-23-2020 


The workers were very polite, professional and friendly!

Jennifer Dean 01-23-2020


Very good job, the fence was as we expected.  We recommend this company.  They work very neat and organized!  Thank you

Dayani Tejeda 01-15-2020


Fantastic Job!  Very courteous.  Knew what they were doing!

Sam Morgan 12-23-2019 



Very fast and quality work.  Very happy with fence.

James Hughes 12-13-2019


Your crew showed up as scheduled, completed the work in a professional manner and left the area clean.  Thank you

Mike Weymouth - 11-27-2019


I would highly recommend Delaney Fence Co.  The work they did looks beautiful and very professional.  The crew was extremely nice and courteous.  They cleaned up when done & didn't leave a mess.  On a whole they rate 5 stars.

Lisa Smets - 11-19-2019


Awesome work.  Great employees.

Larry Hadaway - 11-08-2019


On time, worked hard.  Great job on both fences, thank you!

- Rhonda Stuever - 10-16-2019


Timely, efficient and great quality of work.

Tim Moore - 10-15-2019



They did a wonderful job, he puppy loves it!

Gary Grimes 9-4-2019


Fence was installed quickly and very well.  Would definitely recommend their service.

- Robert Antonsen 9-4-2019


Excellent, professional work.  Very satisfied with our new fence.  I will recommend Delaney Fence Co to everyone.

Jerry Kline 8-13-2019


Very good company.  Had issues with weather and neighbor and all issues were handled with respect and resolved.  Crew was very professional and did a good job.  Very pleased with a job well done.  Thank you

Allen Larsen 7-11-2019


Team did a fantastic ob and made sure all gates and code related items were explained.  Thanks for the professional work.

Steve Grines 7-11-2019


Great job.  Looks good and we love it!

Dave Clark 7-8-2019


Guys did a great job and came back quickly to fix one small problem.  I would recommend them!

Catherine Clark 7-5-2019


Arrived sooner than the promised date and the fence and installation looks very good.  Workers were very polite and courteous.

Richard Lindsay 6-13-2019


Guys were great!  They did an excellent job and need a raise.

-  Kris Simpson 6-3-2019


They did a great job!  Was surprised the little time it took to put the fence in.  Everything was cleaned up great.

Lloyd Lueken 5-30-2019


Mr. Fred called today - Tuesday @ approx 7.30 am saying they were coming today in about an hour.  Himself and 2 other men came and started the job.  Very professional, courteous men.  Job was finished in half a day, with everything done clean and fencing looking great.  Than you Mr. Fred and your men!

Rose & Steve Brown 5-14-2019


I want to thank Delaney Fence Co for doing an awesome job!  They are truly in the business to make their customers happy!  I love the new fence and gate they installed for me.  They went above and beyond to exceed all of my expectations!  I would definitely recommend using them.

Farrah Owens 4-29-2019 


Great install crew!

Michael Williams 4-29-2019


We have nothing but good things to say about this company and their workers.  Great job!

-  Terry Cundiff 3-26-2019


Fencing looks amazing!  Great company to work with a look forward to using them for the future fencing needs.

-  Lisa Leonzio 3-26-2019


Professional company with great service.  Fast install and delivery.  Just ordered more fence for my property!

- Mike Williams 3-25-2019


The two gentlemen were very polite, answering all of my questions.  They did a very good job.  The fence that was repaired looks as good as new.  Neatness is another of their qualities, both in their appearances and in their work.  I was very well pleased.

Vonceil Scott 3-21-2019


Did a good job!

-  Gerald Smith 3-18-2019


The guys were awesome - very polite and fast working.  Thank you for a job well done!

- Deniece Mello 3-8-2019



Fence looks fine.  Good job.

-  James Howe 3-4-2019


Fence looks great - clean up and area real good.

Anonymous 3-1-2019



Very good job!

- Anonymous 2-21-2019


I am very pleased with the service.  Very professional.

Marjorie Askew 2-20-2019


Delaney Fence Company is a very reliable company and the crew of workers are respective and very hard workers.

-Anonymous 2-18-19


We just want to thank Delaney Fence for their work on our fence! Everyone was so kind and professional. I would ask anyone needing fencing to use this company!!

-Anonymous 1-03-19


Very professional, outstanding work. Crew is a credit to Delaney Fence. I would recommend Delaney fence Co. to my friends and family. Thank you. 

-Matt Lammie 1-03-19


Guys did a very fast and accurate job.  We are very satisfied.  Thank you very much.

- Robert Valente 11-21-18



Your crew was professional, polite, friendly and did an awesome job.  I now have a show piece in my yard.  I will definitely recommend you folks to anyone that asks!  They even cleaned it all up!

Terri Hemings 11-9-18


Arrived early and did a good job building fence.

Wilma Injasoulian 11-9-18



Thank you for completing our fence repair.  All work completed as planned and everything was neat/clean after your work.

Joe Cramer 11-5-18


The fence looks great now we can let our dogs run around the backyard. I highly recommend the black vinyl fencing it looks much better than the galvanized and the crew did an excellent job of installing it to. 

 -William Collins 10-02-18


Staff was friendly and worked hard. The fence is perfect and I could not have asked for more!

-Anonymous 09-25-18


Very pleased with fence. Love it. Installers were fabulous,very pleasent. Great Job!!!! (5 STARS!)

-Peggy Dennette 09-25-18


 Great service, professional and polite technicians. Excellent job and great clean up. Highly recommend.

-Linda Vinent 09-20-18


Good job. Fast. Fence look great.

-Ada Gross 09-10-18


Great job. Very professional.

-Gus Morales 09-10-18


Kyle and his team did an excellent vinyl fence job. They were very courteous and respectful. We are very pleased with our fence. They did a great clean up when finished. THANK YOU!

-Anonymous 09-07-18


Delaney Fence Co. The best family run Fence Company in Highlands County as far as I'm concerned. They make themselves available for all of your needs, including estimates. They will always get back to you ASAP. Because they are a family with family values, they will treat you like you want to be treated. Give them a call and you'll never have to worry about calling another fence company for any of your fencing needs. 

-Dan Coomes 8-23-18


Delaney crew was professional, clean and organized. They performed an excellent job and I am very satisfied with my service. I highly recommend Delaney to anyone that wants an exceptional work done to their home!!

-Roberto Perez 08-15-18


The best choice I could have made, not only was the price great, but the work was impeccable, perfect and the crew was polite, courteous and very professional. On top of all that the job was done three weeks ahead of schedule.

-Stanley Zbyzensia 08-16-18


Perfect, fast, respectful work.  Nice to deal with and took pride in their work!

-Charles Zachritz 8-10-18


Work well done and in a timely fashion. They respected my need to wait for tree cutters first. Very happy with fence-finished product. 

-Patricia Veronee 07-31-18


Did a good job in a reasonable time. 

-Sandra Thompson 07-23-18


Very prompt , got the job done quickly. Thank you. 

-Bambi Parker 07-23-18


Great job!!! Very patient and helpful . Very professional job. Thank you!!!

-Robert Hamby 07-20-18


Excellent, professional work done in a timely manner by a great team of guys. 

-Anonymous 07-16-18


 Great job! Quick and efficient. Could not ask for a better group. 

-Anonymous 07-11-18


Good job. 

-Mark Cane 07-06-18


Efficient crew. Thank you for a job well done. 

Leigh Eures 07-09-18


Excellent service-quality of workmanship, manners, above and beyond expected. Will recommend to neighbors. Thank you. 

-Carol G. Stoddard 07-10-18


Delaney did a great job, very fast, high quality. All workers were especially Antonio and Justin. 

-Greg Johnson 07-03-18


Everything looked good.

-Delfino 06-29-18


Workers were courteous and took their time to answer questions- work was done in a timely manner and cleaned up after themselves. Will refer them highly. 

-Brian Bragger 06-28-18


The crew did a great job on the fence and really paid attention to details. Everything was completed exactly as discussed and ahead of schedule. 

-Tim Dowling 06-26-18


Delaney Fence was great and helped Rony expand his fence. The crew was professional and very kind to our dogs, polite and cautious. Would recommend to anyone.   Mr. Delaney was very respectful to our sons dogs.

-William & Susan Gentry 06-20-18


Crew from this company showed up on 6/20/18. All were very professional and immediately started work. Work was finished in 1 1/2 days. Work was completely done as requested. Very satisfied. 

-Anonymous 06/21/18


D/d a very good, expert job. On time (early, rather than "Too busy can't do it until fall.)  Friendly atmosphere and very helpful. Does any requests buyer requests. Very good, professional job. 

-Joan Walker 06-18-18


Very professional, great work! Very conscientious. Highly recommended. 

-Deborah Peterson 06-15-18 


These guys are pros. If I need more fence, they will do it. 

-Everett Gardner 06-18-18


 Fantastic job! Great staff!!!

-Linda Nelson 06-15-18


Nice job, as always! We are a repeat customer. 

Francis II Mobile Home Park: Mat Stork 06-14-18


What an awesome job. Friendly and professional crew. Very happy!

-Shelly Roy 06-13-18 


Job well done, thank you. 

-Betty Rebmann 06-05-18


Very well done. 

-Eduardo Carney 05-25-18 


 Very good and fast and professional. Very helpful and nice. All gentlemen curteous. Monte is great as always.  

-Anonymous 05-09-18


Looks great. Very polite and attentive. Done on time, thanks, 

-Georgean Andrews 05-23-18


Did a good job.

-Pete Marie 05-17-2018


 This is the second time using Delaney Fence. I have been very satisfied with their work and professionalism. 

 -Kathleen Barber 05-16-18


 Did a quick, efficient job. Very pleased with the work.

-Anonymous 04-25-18


Very impressed with the work done. Your workers were polite and courteous at all times. Hard working and dedicated to doing their jobs and then some 100%. Very professional. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

-Katrina Gonzalez  04-17-18


Nice people, good company. Nice work. Thank you!

- Betty Rebmann 04-04-18



I am very impressed with the speed and workmanship of the job that I asked for. They went way beyond, and I am happy and I will give good recommendations to all of my friends!

- John Welling 04-03-18


Very pleased with work ethics and pride shown in their fences. Very proud to display my fence. Workman are very courteous and polite, display their pride in their workmanship.

-Kathleen Lerma 03-29-18


Looks great! The guys were professional and courteous. 

-Catherine Costa 03-15-2018


Hard to get a hold of by phone but once connected they are easy to work with and the working crew were very nice and did a great job!

-Dave Boyer 03-07-18


Great crew, polite, fast and efficient. 

-Darlene Bowers 03-07-18


Job was done to satisfaction, as agreed. 

-Nick Price 02-06-18


Very happy with the work these men did. I will always tell anyone to call them for any fence work. Honest and keeps their word with their estimates. 

-Jane Golden 02-06-18


Great job, very satisfied. Sturdy workers making sure everything is done to customer satisfaction. 

-Anonymous 02-02-18


The fence turned out fantastic! Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Absolutely recommend them for any fencing needs.

-Willie Gilliard; Bayside Community Church 01-26-18 


Fred came after Hurricane Irma, when no one else would come to put our fence up around the pool. We now have a beautiful fence, residents love it!

-Nancy Thompson (Hammock Estates) 01-11-18


I was extremely pleased with Fred and his employees. They not only came out and fixed my fence so my dog could run, they came back ahead of schedule, to fix it completely. They also took less time than they had stated and did an incredible job. Lastly, they quoted me a certain amount and it ended up being 50% less. I cannot say how extremely pleased I am with this company and Fred. I would recommend them to anyone. They are honest, fair, professional and friendly.  

-Michele Griffin  01-10-2018


Kyle and his crew arrived on time.  Very polite and efficient.  Finished in record time and cleaned up.  I would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs fencing.

-  Deniece Mello 12-15-2017


This is a great great company and I am pleased with their work.

-Anonymous  12-11-2017


Great job in repairing our fence damaged by Irma. 

-John Losota   12-11-2017


Our fence was damaged by the hurricane. They gave us a quote in September and came for repairs in December. They did an excellent job of repairs including straightening, replacing posts, rehanging five gates and replacing broken boards. Repairmen were polite and hard working even in the cold and 50 degree weather. Thank you. 

- Ron & Mary Boltze  12-08-2017


Great Job

Harold Williams 12-05-2017


Good Service

- Anonymous 12-05-2017


Did great work to fix my fence from damage caused by Irma.  Always have been good at fixing any issue.

Jack Kettler 12-4-2017


Delaney Fence Co did a great job when they originally installed our fence and then when hurricane Irma blew part of it down, they repaired it as good as new in a timely fashion.  Their crew was very nice and professional, especially Kyle.  Thank you so much.  We appreciate your hard work.

Anonymous 11-29-2017


As to damage from Hurricane Irma, they fixed my fence in 15 minutes.

Anonymous 11-15-2017


Good quality.

Anonymous 11-10-2017


Outstanding job as before, thanks.

Marvin Hoskmi 11-10-2017


Great job!!  Very professional and courteous!

-  The Learning Station Preschool 11-9-2017


Great job!

Shirley Bedard 11-9-2017


Best fence people around.  Polite, excellent workmanship.  Very glad I went with this company.  They stand behind the product and would definitely use them again.

Robert Prell 11-9-2017


As usual, very polite.  Two young men in training and very attentive.  Kyle well mannered and informative.  Good job! :-)

Janice Wilson 11-6-2017 


I'm so in love with my new fence that Delaney Fence installed.  They came right after the Hurricane to secure the area around the pool.  Installed it in one day and it is beautiful.  I love my fence.  ***** Only fence company to show up for an estimate after the Hurricane *****

Peg Sawyer 10-31-2017


We are very satisfied with the fence installed by Delaney Fence Company.  The workers were very polite and efficient and the company treated us with professionalism.  The quality of the fencing and gates are excellent.  We would definitely recommend Delaney Fence Company to family, friends & others.

Carol & Neil Muir 10-30-2017


Delaney Fence Company is very reliable.  Workers are efficient and the politest bunch of young men that you could ask for.  I highly recommend their product and their work.

Richard Lundy 10-16-2017 


1.  Oldest Fence company in Highlands County.  More experience putting up variety of fences.  2.  Family name; Delaney Fence Company strives always to bring honor to the family business by doing the best job that their customer expects.  Never leaving the job site before their customers inspect the job.  3.  Should there be any adjustment in the future, Delaney Fence Company will return to adjust and fix any problem in a timely manner.  4.  The Delaney team is always professional and courteous in answering any questions the customer may have.  5.  I strongly feel that Delaney team is inspired by Mr Delaney's leadership, knowledge and polite demeanor when speaking with his customers.  6.  I am exceedingly pleased with the two fences the Delaney Fence Company has erected for my sister and I!!

- Anonymous - 10-16-2017


Great guys, fast work, beautiful fence.  You can't go wrong using Delaney Fence Co!  Forgot to mention, reasonable price!!

Chris Stinson 10-7-2017


Beautiful fence.  The company did a great job.  I will recommend to everybody.

Lazaro Prieto - Bigstar Dogs 10-5-2017


Delaney Fence Co provided superb services at the Sarasota UPS package center expansion.  This a a hard working fence crew dedicated to their work.  Fred Delaney and his crew take pride in their work and provide an excellent finished product.  I would recommend them on any commercial or residential job.

-  Jeremiah Turner (UPS) 9-29-2017


The owner of this place is a good fellow.  Helped me with single pickets.

-  Fred Sarracino 8-28-2017


Fred, thanks for a job well done!  Again thanks for your professional work and your promise to take care of us!

-  Anonymous 8-16-2017


Colby Delaney provided satisfactory assistance to complete our project on time. He was very polite in customer service and I would recommend him to anyone needing a fence. :-)

-  Anonymous 8-11-2017 


Great job.  Great cleanup after.  Great experience!

-  Phil Gentry 8-3-2017


Kyle and crew did an awesome job installing the fence precisely the way myself and my wife wanted.  Cleaned up great after done.  Now the 3 dogs and grandchildren can run and play without worries.

-  Anonymous 7-21-2017


Crew installing the fence were very polite and professional, even when I tried to micromanage!  Fence looks great, very satisfied with product and would recommend Delaney Fence highly!  Quality work!

-  Christine Windau 6-30-2017


Very nice job.  Exactly what I wanted.

-  Teresa McGowin 6-21-2017


I had Delaney Fence Co install my 6' vinyl fence to keep the dogs in.  The company did a fine job.  Mr. Delaney personally saw that everything was done correctly to my satisfaction as well as his.  I would highly recommend this company for anyone's fencing needs.

-  Kady Pride 6-20-2017


Great job!  Very nice people to work with.  Very helpful when picking out a fence.  Explained everything fully.  Good experience.

-  Margaret Nipper 6-10-2017


10/10 Would recommend Delaney Fence Co.  They got a big job done in 2 days and even worked in the rain.  Delaney is a personable family company that we will definitely use again!

-  Anonymous 6-8-2017


Professional service. They were on time and did a great job.  We are very happy and we highly recommend Delaney Fence Co.

-  Chris Jordan (Balanced Pest Control) 6-3-2017


Beautiful work.  Job was performed quickly and in a very professional manner.  All employees/workers were courteous and made sure the work was done to our requirements and to our satisfaction.  Thank you for a job very well done!

- Bonnie & Randy Hutson 5-31-2017


Fence was installed very quickly and professionally.  You could tell by watching the install that the quality was a priority.

-  Joe Railsback 5-19-2017


Delaney Fence is an honest, professional and very nice business.  We are very pleased and thankful Delaney Fence was recommended to us.  God bless their business.

-  Philip & Valerie Kisela 5-8-2017


It was a pleasure having Delaney Fence Co come out to do what they do best, FENCING!  They were professional, courteous and the job was completed on time.  If you need fencing contact Delaney Fence Co.  The price is right and the job well done!

-  Evelyn DeJesus 5-2-2017


I appreciate the patience that Fred had working to solve my problem with a less than helpful vendor of a gate operator.

-  Richard Foster 5-1-2017


Delaney Fence has worked on several commercial applications.  They were on time, often early, professional and courteous.  Some of the jobs which they completed had several changes and challenging obstacles which they worked through with ease.  Workmanship was above expectation and there was an evident eye for detail.

-  Anonymous 4-24-2017 


We are extremely happy with our fence and the work that Delaney Fence Co did for us.  We would highly recommend them anytime!

Cynthia Dennis 4-13-2017


Excellent job.  Very polite installers.  Did job as diagrammed in a professional manner.  Very pleased with results.

-  Tate Young 4-6-2017


Andrew, Lucas & Kyle did a fine job of installing our fence.  Very polite & willing to respond to my requirements.

- Anonymous 3-31-2017


Great job!  On time, very professional from Fred Delaney to his crew.  Would recommend!

James Heffernan 3-31-2017


Delaney Fence went above and beyond expectations and built a beautiful fence to surround my facility.  They have friendly staff that are knowledgeable in their field.  Their fence made my facility look ten times better!

- Teal Sheffield (Okeechobee County Parks & Recreation) 3-22-2017


Great job done right!

- John Soares 3-21-2017




We had a damaged fence and we were very concerned that our small dog would find his way out of the yard. We called and within a couple of hours Delaney came to the rescue and immediately made the necessary repair. We are so happy that they were able to respond so quickly to what could have been a total disaster. MAX is safe and very happy to have his yard back again.

- Linda Walmsley 3-9-2017


Everything was completed to our satisfaction.  Great job.

-  Guido Bosich 3-6-2017


We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work your company did when you installed our new fence.  Even though we were not home at the time, you came in and fulfilled the order with expedience and excellence.  It looks great, and we are so appreciative of the quality of work you did.

-  Mr & Mrs Paul Stingo 3-5-2017


Very good service

-  Trudy Ricketts 3-3-2017


Great fence!!  Excellent service.

-  Dakota Mc Cullers 2-27-2017


When feral hogs tore up my lawn I needed a fence in a hurry.  Fred Delaney came to my aid.  My new fence is the envy of the neighborhood and the pig problem solved.  We highly recommend Delaney for all your fence needs.  Delaney does it right!

-  Don and Barb Ferguson 2-23-2017


We called Delaney Fence Company and they responded immediately. Someone came right out to measure and provide a quote for us and they scheduled the work right away. Courtney and Colby came out to our office and did a great job. They were very conscientious and professional. We highly recommend this company. We are thankful and grateful to them for their service.

-  John and Susan Peters (Stanley Steemer) 2/20/2017


Delaney Fence Co is a very professional company.  Great finished product and very professional installers.  I will recommend this company to anyone and at a fair competitive price.

-  Tom Barabas 2/20/2017


Delaney Fence Co did a great job on our fence.  I would refer them to anyone who needs fence work done.  Very professional and great guys all the way around.

-  Kyle Jackson 2/17/2017


Great job!  In and out.  Fast and efficient.  Fence Looks great.

-  Debo 2/10/2017


We are pleased with our new fence and would recommend Delaney Fence Co to anyone.  They did a great job.

- Dave & Sherry Gray 2/10/2017


Delaney Fence.  A few words come to mind:  Professional, courteous, on-time, on budget, quick & neat.  I appreciate the clean-up and attention to detail.  My back yard looks great!  Thanks.  

-  Brock Cooney - 2-9-2017


Delaney Stands by their word with lifetime warranty.  Spoke to Colby @ 1pm and by 2pm the new latch was replaced.  You're Grandpa would be proud! Thank you.  Recommend Delaney highly.

- Elaine White - 2-9-2017 


Good price!  Work outstanding.  Would recommend to anyone interested in adding a fence to their property.

-  Ray Brooks - 2/07/2017


Mr. Delaney came to my house and spend about a half hour explaining the role of different wood types and answered all my questions asked.  They hauled away the old fence and cleaned up the yard site when done.  I had three other estimates and his was by far the better.  I would recommend Delaney Fence to anyone.  The two men that did the job were so nice and polite.

- Shirley Miller - 01/31/2017


Delaney service is excellent.  Employees are very helpful and the quality of material they use is of highest quality.  I highly recommend this company for anyone wanting to install any fence product!

- Wayne Wiggs / USDA-NRCS - 01/30/2017


He's a damn good guy :-)

- Luis Werk - 01/24/2017


Efficient, dependable, neat, accommodating, polite, knowledgeable, very happy to recommend.

-  Anonymous - 01/20/2017


Straightest fence I've ever seen!  Job was completed exactly as requested.  Workers were neat and polite.  Job sight was cleaned and inspected when job was finished.  We highly recommend Delaney Fence Co.

- Robert Prell - 1/19/2017

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