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An ornamental aluminum fence would provide your home with added elegance, while broadening your property’s individuality and value. Make your property’s appeal look timeless with aluminum fences, gates, railings and other work from Delaney Fence. Regardless of the design that you choose, our ornamental aluminum fences are a durable, attractive fence option for someone looking for minimal upkeep. Our powder coated finish allows you to think less about your fence and more about your life—but how do you choose the right one?


The Extended Picket Ornamental Aluminum Fences have decorative pickets that extend above and below the top and bottom rail. This style of fence also allows for decorative finials to be added if you choose. We have several to choose from. Another added feature for those of you with gradual sloping grades, these panels can rack and follow the grade of your terrain. Extended Picket Ornamental Fences provide security but still allow on-lookers to view your landscaping. Extended Picket Ornamental Fences are very durable and long lasting.


The Flat Rail Aluminum Fence style has two rails without pickets extending from the top and bottom of the fence. The Flat Rail Ornament Aluminum Fence is a very clean design and uses a relatively simple style of construction. The flat rail aluminum fence is a very popular safety fence that is used around pools and apartment complexes. The flat rail aluminum fence offers a lot of protection and security at a lower price than a true commercial security fence. This type of fence is difficult to climb and very hard to damage which makes it a popular style of fence in commercial and residential fence application.


Delaney Fence can provide Ornamental aluminum railing for steps, porches, decks and patios. Aluminum railing is the perfect material for handrails because of its strength and durability. The finish of our aluminum railing creates a classic look when wrapped around a porch and creates a security barrier to prevent falls from the porch. We offer both pre-made and custom aluminum handrail and porch rails to fit your application.

Delaney Fence produces quality custom aluminum handrail products. We are pleased to offer a nice selection of durable materials for superior handrails for commercial or residential projects.


The Pressed Spear Aluminum Fence is a type of Ornamental Aluminum Fence that is very classy and at an affordable price. It gives you the final look without having to purchase them separately. The Pressed Spear Ornamental Aluminum Fence is a very popular choice in Florida. Like the Extended Picket Ornamental Fence, the Pressed Spear Fence is able to easily roll with the grade of your terrain.

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