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Our Pressure Treated Privacy Fence is the standard 6 ft. wood privacy fence with vertical planks. We select the best pickets for our fences because it is essential when building a wood fence to use the best materials available. Often, if you purchase pickets from other companies, you are not so sure of the quality of these. Delaney Fence only installs with pressure pickets which means your fence will last longer and be more resistant to rot and high winds. This is very important when you install a wood privacy fence for a few reasons; it prevents pickets from cupping and warping and the pressure treated lumber, allows for longer picket life when exposed to the elements.

ALL OUR PANELS AT Delaney Fence are hand made to order at our plant. We use ring shank nails and mount our panels with three inch deck screws.

To extend the life of your fences and make it a little more appealing to the eye, consider adding our popular cap and trim option to your fence. Pressure Treated Fences are also naturally resistant to termites and wood boring insects


Board on Board Fences is a true full privacy fence. The fence is designed with picket on picket that covers that very small spacing between boards. If you are a pet owner or if your neighbors own dogs, the board on board fence will help prevent your dogs or neighboring dogs from seeing through the gaps in the fence which will help to reduce barking. If you’re a pool or hot tub owner, the board on board fence will allow you to enjoy even more security and privacy in your outdoor area. For the most privacy, Board on Board Fences can be installed at 6 feet. We recommend using steel fence posts instead of lumber for strength and durability.

Sealant which allows for the natural wood beauty to show can be stained with a sealant available in several options or can be left untreated for a natural wood finish.


A lot of new subdivisions like this look because it allows both you and your neighbor a portion of the good side of the fence. Some Homeowner Associations (HOA’s) only allow this fence style to be installed between neighboring sides. Delaney Fence can provide this type of wood fencing at a great price.


The straight shadow box fence has pickets on each side of the fence and spaces between them in an alternating pattern. This allows for good airflow and gives each neighboring side a clean finished look. However, this style of wood fencing does not give you full privacy and is a little more costly than a standard vertical or horizontal fence because of the extra lumber and pickets required creating the overlapping look. The straight shadowbox fence is a great option because it is popular for its good looks and finish on both sides of the fence. The straight shadowbox fence is also known as a board on board fence design. The advantages of the shadow box fence are that is a neighbor friendly fence that will look the same on both yours and your neighbors’ yards. The board on board style of a shadow box fence is a little more modern than our standard privacy fence styles. Another advantage of the board on board fence is that some of the wind can pass through the vertical spaces that are left between the fence pickets making it a good choice for gardeners and folks who live in high wind areas.

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